About JTH

About Journeys to Hope

Journeys to Hope is a public charity non-profit started by Gary and Palma, and powered by lots of caring volunteers. We provide services to youth through positive, life-changing experiences and empower at-risk youth and families to break the generational cycle of brokenness.

We promote a safe environment and provide resources for the ongoing development of values and skills that will promote the success of both individuals and families. We love to see them filled with the hope and joy that comes through making good choices.

We are most known for the single-gender three-day Teen Reach Adventure Camps we host every year. T.R.A.C. serves youth 12 to 15 years old who have survived abuse, abandonment and neglect and live within the foster care community.

After campers have attended a Teen Reach Adventure Camp, we also offer T.R.A.C. Life, which is a mentoring program that helps young people of all circumstances achieve their potential.

For our volunteers, we also have training/support programs that focus on team-building. We serve as a national training camp for T.R.A.C. leaders, to create more Teen Reach Adventure Camps that can begin to serve communities all over the United States.

We also provide mentoring programs that cover other phases of life:
  • We help biological parents have healthy relationships with their families.
  • We help young married couples have healthy relationships.
  • We help men build skills in many areas, including relational skills, communication skills, and hands-on job skills.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact us.